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More fun with fungi

By on 13. April 2019

The products of metabolizing fungi surround us every day, even though often unnoticed, and they have been doing so for many centuries (in the case of beer and bread)….

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Migrating microbes

By on 31. March 2019

Oral bacteria travel to the gut – and stay?
We share our body with trillions of microbes that contribute to our well-being. They live and prosper in different niches in…

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Moulding a network

By on 22. April 2018

How fungi establish and maintain a dynamic mycelial colony
This post was originally posted as my first guest post on the Biomed Central Blog Network On Biology!

In the previous post…

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Who said searching for literature is dull?

By on 30. January 2018

While doing yet another Pubmed search I just stumbled upon an unbelievably cool and inspiring article – on…prepare yourself…”Ten simple rules for drawing scientific comics” (PLOS Computational Biology)! A…

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Pushing the suicide button – how we protect ourselves from fungal infection

By on 18. November 2017

The spores of fungi surround us everywhere and we inhale thousands if not more of them every day. Among them – notorious Aspergillus fumigatus, one of the most common…