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Migrating microbes

By on 31. March 2019

Oral bacteria travel to the gut – and stay?
We share our body with trillions of microbes that contribute to our well-being. They live and prosper in different niches in our body and scientists mostly believe that these niches are separated and exclusive communities. In the scientific journal eLIFE, scientists…


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Research Highlights

Moulding a network

By on 22. April 2018

How fungi establish and maintain a dynamic mycelial colony
This post was originally posted as my first guest post on the Biomed Central Blog Network On Biology!

In the previous post on the fungal colony you saw that there is more to it than meets the eye. Now, let’s have a…


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Research Highlights

How plants’ breaking news help microbes and animals to stay alert

By on 18. November 2016

For millennia, humans have eased their aches with the help of plant molecules such as the famous salicylic acid, active ingredient of aspirin. These natural products are in fact a stress response of the plant when nutrient supplies in the soil become limited. Howitz and Sinclair (2008) propose that…


I am a passionate microbiologist driven by curiosity and fascination for the wonders of the mostly invisible world of tiny creatures. Please join me in my explorations into this world in a nutshell and discover it's amazing facettes!

Nicely said

"Seit die Mathematiker über die Relativitätstheorie hergefallen sind, versteh' ich sie selbst nicht mehr."
(Since mathematicians pitched into the theory of relativity, even I don't really get it any more), Albert Einstein

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