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Fun facts

More fun with fungi

By on 13. April 2019

products of metabolizing fungi surround us every day, often unnoticed though,
and they do so for many centuries (in the case of beer and bread). More
recently (in the past century) industrial production and strain engineering has
made many more products available to us – saving our lives (antibiotics),
lowering the burden during…


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Fun facts

Not that small after all – the biggest living organism is a fungus

By on 18. November 2016

It’s actually true! The giant fungus belonging to the species Armillaria solidipes, also known as honey mushroom, is the biggest living creature on our planet Earth.

Scientists discovered the fungus in the Blue Mountains in eastern Oregon, USA, where it might have been growing for more than 2000 years to cover an area of…


I am a passionate microbiologist driven by curiosity and fascination for the wonders of the mostly invisible world of tiny creatures. Please join me in my explorations into this world in a nutshell and discover it's amazing facettes!

Nicely said

"Seit die Mathematiker über die Relativitätstheorie hergefallen sind, versteh' ich sie selbst nicht mehr."
(Since mathematicians pitched into the theory of relativity, even I don't really get it any more), Albert Einstein

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