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Who said searching for literature is dull?

By on 30. January 2018

While doing yet another Pubmed search I just stumbled upon an unbelievably cool and inspiring article – on…prepare yourself…”Ten simple rules for drawing scientific comics” (PLOS Computational Biology)! A paper that you will definitely be able to read all the way through without yawning or thinking about making another coffee. So, an absolute must-read for every scientist with a sense of humor – please share with your labmates! And because I said inspiring… I proudly present the result of this inspiration – my first science comic!


When grown on solid medium in a petri dish Aspergillus develops spores, while in liquid culture it forms fluffy balls of mycelium without any spores.




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Nicely said

"Seit die Mathematiker über die Relativitätstheorie hergefallen sind, versteh' ich sie selbst nicht mehr."
(Since mathematicians pitched into the theory of relativity, even I don't really get it any more), Albert Einstein

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