Vibrant mega city in a jar of jam

By on 17. July 2017

Have you ever marvelled about the complexity of huge cities – their unfathomable abundance of life, their intricate network of avenues and streets, their diversity of buildings and areas?


Fun facts

Not that small after all – the biggest living organism is a fungus

By on 18. November 2016

It’s actually true! The giant fungus belonging to the species Armillaria solidipes, also known as honey mushroom, is the biggest living creature on our planet Earth.

Scientists discovered the fungus in the Blue Mountains…

Research Highlights

How plants’ breaking news help microbes and animals to stay alert

By on 18. November 2016

For millennia, humans have eased their aches with the help of plant molecules such as the famous salicylic acid, active ingredient of aspirin. These natural products are in fact…


What on earth are scientists doing in their labs? Part 1

By on 6. September 2016

The optimal, the natural and the laboratory (condition)
The optimum
Every living creature has their personal preference of a perfect environment. For me this would be: blue sky scattered with a…



By on 6. September 2016

Are you new? Read here what occasionally happened to me and what that has to do with this blog.

Someone interested in my work would ask me:
Someone: So, what are you…